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How Long Does It Take To Remove a Tattoo?

There’s no way to sugar-coat the fact that Tattoo Removal takes time – on average between 10 – 13 months. Many people get to the point in their life where they have a Tattoo they want removed and ask the question ‘How long does it take to remove a tattoo’ only to be surprised by […]

Does Tattoo Removal Hurt?

Look at any Tattoo Removal Clinics’ web-site under their FAQ’s and you’ll see the question ‘Does Tattoo Removal Hurt?’ And that’s because it’s one of the most popular questions they get asked (along with ‘do you have a time machine so I can go back and scream at myself “Don’t get that Tattoo!!!!!!”) But not […]

Over twice as many Aussies thinking of Tattoo Removal

We hear a lot about Tattoo Regret and the rising popularity of Tattoo Removal, but it’s hard to find any numbers on what’s really occurring. In the last 8 years, the number of people searching for Tattoo Removal has increased by approximately 140% “In the last 8 years, the number of Australian’s searching for Tattoo […]

4 Tips for choosing the right Tattoo Removal Clinic

With the recent news about tattoo removal patients receiving burns and scarring from inexperienced Tattoo Removal Clinics, we thought it time to write a ‘buyers guide’ on choosing the right Tattoo Removal Provider. There’s cost, time (and a bit of pain!) involved in Tattoo Removal, so choosing the right clinic is crucial. These are our […]

Psychologists have a name for your Tattoo Regret

Ok, so you got Duran Duran tattooed on your knuckles 15 years ago (made you look, yep it does fit) and now you’ve got a serious case of ‘tattoo regret’. It might not help in getting it removed, but at least you can take comfort in the fact that your tattoo regret now has it’s […]

The 3 Ingredients of Successful Laser Tattoo Removal

You already know Laser Tattoo Removal is the most effective way to remove or fade tattoos. But unfortunately it’s not as easy as searching for ‘laser tattoo removal’ in your local area and expecting great results. Results can vary from complete removal to burning and scarring (and we’re guessing you’re after complete removal) The results […]

Got a cover-up tattoo read this to avoid an exploding tattoo

Recently we attended a talk on developments in Laser Tattoo Removal when we were introduced to the fairly unattractive concept of the ‘exploding tattoo’. One moment we’re looking at standard ‘before and after’ shots of successful tattoo removal, the next we’re looking at tattoo removal where the skin has blistered and burned, and the tattoo […]

Visible Tattoos and Employment – can they stop you getting work?

The short answer (in case you’re rushing out to get a quick finger tattoo) is – Yes. In most states of Australia visible tattoos are not covered by anti-discrimination or equal opportunity laws. That means that: If you have visible tattoos an employee can choose not to offer you employment based on that reason It’s […]

Is there really such a thing as a timeless tattoo?

I was reading a blog post recently on Bustle that aimed to list ’10 Timeless Tattoos that will be cool your whole life’ – and it made me think about whether there was really such a thing as a timeless tattoo (as well as making me think what a bold claim it was to list […]

Do Tattoo Removal Creams Work?

Each month more people search for ‘Tattoo Removal Cream’ than for ‘Laser Tattoo Removal’ so the idea of using a cream to fade or remove a Tattoo is pretty popular with people who have looked in the mirror and said ‘Tatts a Mistake’. The question is…do Tattoo Removal Creams work? The Short answer is ‘Nope.’ […]